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 Building Pole Barns In The Rogue Valley Since 1982


Rogue Valley Equipment Barn Contractor
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Need to get that equipment out of the elements? Afraid your old barn might collapse on your equipment?

Then it is time to build a new equipment barn for all your farm equipment. 

Becasue we never build with kits we can customize an equipment shed to be just about any size you need or want.

It could be something small to keep some of the smaller equipment in. Or it could be huge, something to keep that combine in. What ever you need we can build it to meet your needs.

All of our materials are sourced from local companies here in Oregon.

And the majoirty of these materials and services are from right here in the Rogue Valley. We believe that in order to keep Oregon strong we need to keep as much money here as possible.

Call us today and let's talk about your project and what you need. I've been doing this a very long time and can help you create the ultimate equipment shed to house all of that expensive machinery you have.

About Me

Bruce Whittaker, pole barn contractor

My name is Bruce Whittaker and I have been building pole barns here in the Rogue Valley for 29 years. There is a reason why I have been around for so long. My customers love what I do for them and I provide the value and service they expect.

All of our pole barns are custom made. We do not use kits. All of the materials and services are from local businesses.

Call me today and let's talk about your project.